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Isolator Box

Isolator Box

Dual Transformer/Isolator Box to Eliminate Ground Issues

It’s a totally passive isolator box. We use high performance transformers to separate the input and output signal grounds totally.

It isolates two systems and reducing hum and ground-loop noise. We also integrate all popular type connectors to fit into virtually audio systems.  Whenever you need a hum destroyer, or isolation on long distance cable or recording systems, or even just a safer connection between to audio systems, it works, as it should be.


Isolator Box x1pc


Input:  1/4” TRS/RCA/XLR female

Output: 1/4” TRS/RCA/XLR male

Distortion: 0.01% typical @1KHz

Frequency Response: 10-50,000Hz

Dimensions: 132×70×38 mm